6 ways to Start Online Business With No Money

Earn money online using your skill


Starting a service based agency.

Find what you are good at and sell that skill for a living and grow your business from there


Write an E-Book for Amazon Kindle

Whatever topic you choose to write, there is a place for everyone on Amazon Kindle. You can write from a big fat novel to a small 50 pages E-book on any small topic like recipes.


Create a digital course online

If you can teach a skill to someone then, all you have to do is create a video course and then you can sell that course to anyone in the world. Even you can host your courses on platforms like SkillShare


Sell stock photos and videos

This is in huge demand and evergreen field. You don’t have to rely on any client for that. You can shoot whatever you want and sell that on different marketplaces like Shutterstock or pond5.


Sell affiliate products

You don’t need to have an inventory or a physical office and still can promote any product by all the means available online and earn a commission from it. You can create a blog, start a YouTube channel or use online paid marketing to promote these affiliate offers


Start a Youtube Channel

This is probably the most underutilized platform to start an online business. You can use Youtube to promote all these businesses that I have mentioned above or you can also use YouTube as your primary business too. YouTube can be a huge business if you work on it strategically