How to build a Food blog using WordPress in 2024

In this post, I will show you how to create a Recipe food blog using WordPress in 2024 with a FREE theme and FREE plugins.

So, if you wish to share your amazing recipes with the world then here is how to create a food recipe blog using WordPress.

How to create a food recipe blog in 2024

Step-1: Choose a Brand Name – Be your own brand.

I am sure you are planning to create this food blog for the long term. This blog will act as your recipe dairy for the public as well as you business source as well. So make sure you choose a good brand name for this. If you can choose your own name that will be best otherwise you can choose any name as you like.

Step-2: Book a domain name – Be safe rather than sorry.

When you are selecting a brand name in step-1, make sure you also check if a domain with this brand name is also available or not. If you are choosing your own name as a brand name then make sure you check that the domain of your name is also available.

Once you do that, You can use any domain booking website to book your domain. I prefer to use Namecheap because of its FREE privacy which is very important to keep your personal data locked while booking a domain.

Note: There are many hosting companies that provide free domain but I do not recommend that at all. And the reason is simple.
Do not keep all your eggs in one basket. If anything goes wrong with your domain you can easily switch to a new hosting instantly and without affecting your domain.

Step-3: Book a hosting server – Don’t waste your money.

Once you book your domain. You need to book your hosting where you will be storing all your files and database.
Now if you are just beginning then you are not going to get huge traffic on your blog. So you don’t have to invest too much in your hosting company.

You can easily book hosting from BLUEHOST or HOSTINGER. They are best when it comes to budget hosting.

Once your website starts getting traffic then make sure you switch your hosting to a premium one like NAMEHERO or CLOUDWAYS.

I start all my niche websites from a budget hosting and then scale to premium hosting once I start earning money from the blog or it starts getting traffic above 2000 visitors per month.

Step-4: Install a theme to start – Best things are always FREE

Now in order to create a food recipe blog you don’t have to invest in a premium theme. Thanks to Gutenberg’s editor in WordPress, you can now create almost any design for your blog by using a free theme.

My personal favorite is Kadence theme. If you want to use Gutenberg for your blog then there is nothing better than Kadence.

They also have a premium version but you don’t need it. Their free version is good enough to create a decent food blog.

Step-5: Customize the theme – Get a free makeover

With free kadence theme you can easily customize the look and feel of your WordPress food recipe blog in no time. Even in free theme, Kadance provide wide range of customizations.

You can even customize header and footer by using the free kadence theme. You can watch the video below to watch the customization process step by step.

Step-6: Setup Recipe Schema – Stand out from the crowd

For your WordPress food blog, I am sure you wish to have a lots of Google organic traffic. One of the best way to get organic traffic from Google is to let it know what your content is about ie. explain the context of the content.

In order to explain the context of your content search engines, you must install a schema plugin. For recipe food blogs you must install a plugin with recipe schema with recipe card. There are many free plugins out there.

You can watch the video below to see how we installed recipe schema card on our food blog.

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