How to create custom Header and Footer using Gutenberg in 2024

In this post, we will cover how to create custom headers and footers using the native Gutenberg plugin.

As of now we use Elementor page builder for creating custom header and footers but in this post we will cover how to create that using native Gutenberg adon. In that, we will use an amazing plugin known as ThePlusAddons for Block Editor

What is Custom header / Footer in WordPress?

Every WordPress theme comes with a default header and footer. We can add logos, menus and other stuff in them using WordPress theme customizer. But most of themes have very limited options for creating this header or footer.

So in order to create a WordPress header that suits your website requirements, We can create custom header with the help of an additional plugin.

How to create Custom Header / Footer in WordPress?

There are various plugins that we can use to create our custom header or footer in WordPress. One of the most popular one are using Elementor Pro or Divi. Both the plugins have there pro version and using that we can create our custom header and footer in WordPress.

How to create a custom Header / Footer in Gutenberg

Gutenberg is getting popular with every new release and its now very easy to create a full website by just using Gutenberg. But the only this it lacks is the ability to create some cool-looking custom header and footer and that’s where we can use ThePlusAddons for Block Editor

How do I create a header and footer in Gutenberg?

For a custom header and footer, you can choose full site editing or you can add a theme that allows you to edit the website header and footer using Gutenberg.

How do I change the footer in Gutenberg?

To change a footer in Gutenberg you must have a theme that allows you to edit the website footer with the help of widgets or a custom footer builder.

How do I customize the header and footer in WordPress?

Best way is by adding a theme that allows customization of header and footer or you can add a theme that comes with a header footer builder so that you can create a custom design.

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