Top 8 high demand freelancing skills in India in 2024

In this post, we will cover the top 8 high-demand freelancing skills in India in 2024. So if you wish to start your freelancing journey then these skills and help you to take the first step to monetize your skills.

Table of content:

1- UI/UX Design skill for freelancing

This is an evergreen skill and will always be in demand. ‚Ä©Recently there is a rise in the demand for UI/UX designers because of the global situation, as every business is trying to get online.

2- Video editor skill for freelancing

With the rise of video content online. There is a huge requirement for video editors who can help creators and brands to build a presence on video platforms or ads.

3- eCommerce photographer skill for freelancing

If you love photography then you can niche down to this new trend of Ecommerce photography which many small businesses are are looking for.

4- Video educator skill for Freelancing

There is nothing better than teaching something to people. If you can teach any subject then you can contact Edu-Startups or other companies to sell your Freelance gig.

5- Content repurpose skill for freelancing

This is unique. You can help content creators/companies repurpose their present content in form of some other content. Like blog-to-video or podcast-to-video or video-to-blog.

6- SEO skill for freelancing

If you know SEO then you can help many small businesses that are looking for some help to promote their newly created online business. You don’t have to be an expert in digital marketing. But make sure you are an expert in this one field ie SEO, which is a very small part of digital marketing.

7- Social media manager skill for freelancing

If you know how to handle different social media profiles and love to post content on them then, there is a huge opportunity in this area where people want someone to help them manage their social media accounts.

8- Voice over skill for freelancing

If you got a good voice, then you can collaborate with brands and YouTubers, and educational startups to create voice-over videos for them.

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