10 skills students should learn to make money online in 2024

If you are in college or in school and you wish to earn some money online in 2024 then in this post I am going to share 10 skills you should learn to make money online.

Now, One thing you need to understand here is, In order to earn online the number one skill you need to have is a sellable skill.

So, if you wish to learn some sellable skills then here are our top 10 picks that every college student should earn.

Note: If something is popular and trending it doesn’t mean you should also do that. You are young and this is the best time to explore things. If everyone is talking about coding, you don’t have to instantly jump on the trend. Make sure you do explore them but do listen to your instinct about what you like to do and then take that skill forward.

skills to earn money in college

1- Web development

No matter what business you have, almost every business needs a website in this era of the internet. From static corporate websites to full social media websites, there is always a requirement of a web developer to create a website.

Now in order to develop a website, there are various coding languages or platforms that you can learn about and then you can start freelancing or join a corporate job.

2- Mobile App development

Now just like web development, there is a huge demand in the mobile app development category. Just like websites, businesses are now moving towards mobile. From online shopping to online learning, everything is now happening on mobile via an App.

You can choose to learn either Android or iPhone App development and may try both and see which one works best for you.

3- Digital Marketing

If are planning a future in marketing then your MBA degree is not just enough. If businesses are online, so as the marketing. So make sure you get a lead early on and learn digital marketing.

Now, when we say digital marketing its a very broad category. It covers various aspects of online marketing like Social media marketing, Paid-Ads, SEO, and various others.

You don’t have to be an expert in all of them. But just pick one of the digital marketing categories and take that forward and this single skill can open a lot of doors for your future career options.

4- Video Editing

If you are in your college then I am sure by now you must have realized that every content is now getting in form of a video. If you look closely, most of the content that you consume online is now in form of a video.

With that, there is a huge requirement for talented video editors. Not just for Youtube but for all the various other platforms as well.

5- Podcast Editing

Just like Youtube video content, Podcast audio content is on the rise. With that, there is a lot of requirement for podcast editors who can edit the audio and add in some effects as required.

You can easily merge the video editing and audio editing skill to take the lead in your field and earn some extra money.

skills to earn money in college

6- Copywriting content

One of the most required and evergreen categories of freelancing is content writing and copywriting. If you have the skill of writing good content then trust me this skill can make you full-time earning for sure.

People need writers for blogs, websites, e-commerce, and everything else which deals with content.

7- Animation

Have you ever wondered how these cool animation movies and advertisements are made? They are everywhere. From news channels to movies to web series and even Youtube as well. Animation is something that can take boring content to the next level.

8- Visual Designer

Just like Animation, print and web visual designers are such a great field to work in. If you love creating UI, print or web graphics then the Visual designer field is can help you achieve a great career ahead.

9- Communication

Apart from all the skills mentioned above, if there is one skill that I would recommend above all these skills that you must learn while in college is COMMUNICATION.

If you know how to talk and how to communicate, trust me you already have a highly payable skill. You may not have any of the above skills but if you have communication skills then people will love to work with you and can hire you to teach you what they want.

This is my personal experience as well. I was never a programmer like any other Engineering student but somehow I was confident when it comes to communication, giving presentations, and practicals.

With this one skill, I got hired in my college placements.

10- Learning new things

If there a mother of all skill then LEARNING is surely the one. If you love learning new things then you can achieve whatever you want. Even if you are a master in any of the above skills, if you are not learning new things or learning how to improve your current skill then trust me soon you will be replaced by someone else.

So make sure you develop a habit of learning new things, not just for college but for life long.


So these are the top 10 skills that one should surely learn while in college so that they can stay ahead of others and even start earning in college itself.

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