7 Ways to Monetize your blog from day 1

Monetizing the blog is one of the main aims of bloggers. If your goal with starting a blog is also earning some side income and eventually turning that into your main income then you need to plan the monetization part from the very beginning.

Now you don’t have to sound like a sales guy with your blog posts but if you can provide real value with your blog, people will love to buy your products or affiliate products. People earning 5-6 figures a month from their blog but when you are starting up the first question you might be thinking is,

How can I monetize my Blog with ZERO audiences?

Or What Affiliate programs I can join from day one of my Blog?

The answer is, sure you can monetize your blog with zero audiences and from day 1 of your blogging. In fact, I would highly recommend that you keep the monetization factor from the very beginning of the blog. Here is how you can monetize your blog from the first day.

Important: Make sure you do not spam your readers with affiliate and your own product offers. Only recommend those products and services that you genuinely use and think can really help your readers. If you see a product with a high commission rate it doesn’t mean that it will be a great product. You may be able to sell a few of those products but in the long run, it will ruin your credibility and you will lose the trust of your readers.

1- Hosting affiliate program

If you are running a blog then you must be using a hosting company to host your WordPress blog on it. I am using Hostinger for all my blogs and niche websites and can confidently recommend that to anyone. You can easily join the affiliate program from your hosting company and recommend that from day one on your blog.

Check the resources page here on my blog to check what other programs I recommend which I am using to run my blogs and online business.

2- Amazon Affiliate Program

Most of the bloggers think that the Amazon affiliate program is only for lifestyle and makeup bloggers. But it’s not true. I just need to look around your own work desk or what use in your job or business that is available on Amazon. Also, there are a lot of books that you can easily recommend on your blog. You can easily find a book that can help your audience in one or the other way.

Eg: If your blog about Instagram strategies then you must read this book “Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey” I am sure you will find great value it and you can easily recommend it to your readers. Similarly, you can find a lot of great book and other products that you can recommend on your blog in the early stage of your blog.

3- Google Adsense

One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog is to use Google Adsense. Once your blog gets verifies with by the Google AdSense team you can easily monetize your blog. It’s not that you can use this on day one but you can easily monetize your blog within 20-25 days once you produce enough content on your blog.

But you should not rely on Google AdSense for the long term because there are other ad networks that pay much higher than AdSense once you reach certain page views.

4- MaxBounty

To begin your affiliate marketing journey MaxBounty is a perfect platform. It’s like a marketplace for affiliate offers that you can promote on your blog. Unlike Commission Junction which has mostly hi-end technical products, MaxBounty is a perfect platform to monetize your blog with almost any kind of affiliate offer depending on your blog niche.

But the major hurdle with Maxbounty is that you need to go through a human verification in the form of a Skype/ Phone interview, which is not at all difficult to crack. Read more about it here.

5-  Skillshare

Most of the bloggers out there earn 5-6 figures monthly just because they sell super expensive courses. Not many people talk about it but skillshare is one of my favorite platforms to learn new things. I think this is the cheapest library of online courses that you can learn from and can refer to your readers by joining their affiliate program.

While Blogging gurus selling their courses costing thousands of dollars, here you can learn the same thing on skillshare at cost of peanuts.

6- Creativemarket

If your blog is about WordPress, coding, graphics, fonts or anything creative then you can join Creativemarket as an affiliate. This website is probably the largest library of themes and other creative templates that you can easily recommend on your blog. Their affiliate program is also easy to join and newbie-friendly.

7- Sell Your Own Products

If you are planning to take your blog as you full-time income them there is nothing better and satisfying than selling your own products and services. You can plan your products even before you start your blog. The best way to monetize your blog with your own products is by making some digital products so that you don’t have to worry about their inventory and other overheads.

You can start by writing an e-book or if you are comfortable on camera than nothing is better than creating an online course which you can sell over and over again.


You can make your blog your primary source of income and the best part is you don’t have to wait for months to first gain a massive audience and then start the monetization process. You can easily plan the monetization part first and then start building your audience around your products and offers.

I hope this post will help you start your blog on the right note. Please make sure you share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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