How to create a WordPress website using AI in 2024

Today we will experience the true power of AI for WordPress by creating a fully functional WordPress website using AI.

So these are the steps we need to follow to create a WordPress website using AI in 2024

1- Create an account on the AI website builder

So the first step is to register our Free account on the WordPress AI website builder i.e WipWP. You can also use your Gmail account or sign up using any email address.

WordPress AI website builder

2- Start the AI Wizard

Once your account is created, you will land on the dashboard of ZipWP. From there you need to click on “Create New” and then choose “Complete Website

WordPress AI website builder

3- Select the type of website

On the next screen, you can choose the type of website you wish to create using AI. In this example, we are building a business website. And once we select the style we just need to click on “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

WordPress AI website builder

4- Enter the name of the Website

Here we need to enter the brand name for which we need to create the website. So we have entered a dummy name here. You should enter your Brand / company name and then click on “Continue” to proceed to the next step.


5- Describe your business using AI

Now here comes the best part. At this step you can enter the basic information about your business and let the AI do its magic to create a full detailed introduction for your business. Check this video below see it in action.

Once you are satisfied witht the business description, you can now move on to the next step.

6- Select images for your website

In this step, we need to select the images that we wish to use in our website. All these images are from Free stock photo websites, so you can use them without any issues.


7- Add Contact information

At this stage, you can add contact information about your business that will be displayed on the footer and the contact page of the website generated by AI.


8- Choose the website options

Now the AI will do its magic and you will get to choose from the different design options. The first few options carry a “Recommended” badge as they as close to what AI thinks looks best as per your input.

So click in the design option you like the most and click on continue.


9- Customize your AI-generated website

Now, As the final step AI will ask you for confirmation about all the details you have entered, and within just a few seconds your full website will be ready to use.

You can now access this website just like any other WordPress website and do all the things that you can do on a normal WordPress setup.

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