How to do affiliate marketing without a website in 2021

When we talk about earning money online then affiliate marketing is one the best and fastest way of making money. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest time in creating your own product and put all your efforts in promoting other people products and earn a commission on it.

Table of content – 7 ways to do affiliate marketing without a website:

  1. Affiliate marketing using Youtube
  2. Affiliate marketing using Pinterest
  3. Affiliate marketing using Amazon Kindle Ebooks
  4. Affiliate marketing using Instagram
  5. Affiliate marketing using
  6. Affiliate marketing using Solo Ads
  7. Affiliate marketing using Display Ads

Now there are many ways to promote affiliate products to make money online. But there is a big question,

How to do affiliate marketing without a website? or

Do you need a website to do affiliate marketing?

The short answer is YES If you want to make affiliate marketing a scale-able business. But if you want, you still do affiliate marketing without any website or blog.

In this post, we will discuss 7 ways you can do affiliate marketing without a website or blog.

1- Affiliate marketing using Youtube


This is one of my favorite ways to promote any affiliate marketing product online. There is so many youtube channel that are promoting affiliate products one of the other ways. I personally use Youtube as a secondary platform other than my websites to promote my affiliate offers and products.

The reason for using Youtube is very clear. If you do not have a website or blog, there is no way you can get Google traffic but if you use Youtube then you can target Google organic traffic to your channel without any website or blog.

Now if you are thinking that Youtube is not for you because you are not comfortable facing the camera or showing yourself on the videos. Then the best part of Youtube is that you don’t have to be on camera to create a video. You can just create a presentation or animation video (if you can) and just narrate your videos to promote your affiliate offer.

There are so many channels that use whiteboard animation or just a simple powerpoint presentation to create videos. All you have to do is create videos around your affiliate offers and put affiliate links in the description of the videos.

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2- Affiliate marketing using Pinterest


Pinterest is not just a pinboard platform to save your fashion photos, recipes or interior ideas. But I think its the most underutilized search engine platform. If you use this platform correctly you can get faster and much higher results as compared to Google search engine.

The best part is that Pinterest is a visual search engine and it allows you to post affiliate links as well. You can just create boards and pins related to your affiliate offer and do some basic Pinterest SEO and see your pins getting traffic soon.

When it comes to Pinterest, It all comes down to clean irresistible pin design and Basic SEO of the pin. You can easily design great looking Pins using platforms like

Also, it’s very important to create a URL shortener when you are posting your links with the pins, so that you can easily track them and optimize later on.

3- Affiliate marketing using Amazon Kindle Ebooks


The above two methods involve some kind of SEO knowledge to gain maximum output. Now let’s talk about some non-SEO methods, from that Writing an Amazon Kindle E-book is my favorite. If you want to promote an affiliate offer and you can create a small E-book around it then this is something that very fewer people are doing right now.

You don’t have to write a thousand-page novel, you can just write a 20-40 page small E-book that can solve someone’s problem using your affiliate offers mentioned in the book and then sell it at the lowest price or even for free to gain maximum reach.

Now creating an Ebook with affiliate offers doesn’t mean that you just put a bunch of affiliate links with no context. Just take 1 or 2 related affiliate products think how they can solve a real-world problem and then create a solution using these products. Your first aim with your Ebook is to help someone.

4- Affiliate marketing using Instagram


This is one of the hottest ways to do affiliate marketing these days. People are putting so much efforts to gain followers to grow their Instagram accounts and then monetize that in some way. In spite of the fact that Instagram only allows you to post just one link i.e. in the bio, but still affiliate marketing using Instagram is growing like crazy these days.

If you are active on Instagram you can clearly find these influencers and big accounts are using mostly Instagram Stories with Swipe up feature to send their audience to some affiliate offer and earn a commission. It’s a full-time business for many people on Instagram.

And not just affiliate marketing, Instagram is becoming a hot favorite social media platform for online marketers and influencers.

Another very famous marketing technique on Instagram is to use Shoutout ads. If you don’t have time to grow your own account then you can easily use someone else account to buy a shoutout and promote your affiliate offers.

Now like solo ads you need to find some authentic influencers to buy shoutout from. There are some platforms that act as a marketplace to offer these influencer shoutout services, eg: shoutcart. I have tried the platform many times and if you choose the right influencer you can make some serious profits from one shoutout.

5- Affiliate marketing using


Another very big platform to market your affiliate products and offers is, People are making some serious money from and still very underutilized. If you don’t have a website then is your best friend. All you have to do is write valuable content and sprinkle your affiliate links wherever required.

Now is not a platform to spam your affiliate links, you need to do it in a very smart way and keep value to the readers on top priority. If you go over the limit you can easily get banned. They are not against affiliate links but you need to use them wisely.

It’s actually true with all the platforms you choose to market your offers. You need to keep a balance between user experience and monetizing it for your benefits.

6- Affiliate marketing using Solo Ads


There is a saying in the marketing field: “Money is in the list“. If you have an email list then its the most important asset for affiliate marketing. Now as we are talking about affiliate marketing without a website then chances are you don’t have an email list of your own.

But you can use the email list of someone else to advertise your affiliate offer. there are people out there who have a huge list of people that might be interested in your offer. They actually sell your offer as an advertisement to their list. You can use websites like to buy these kinds of solo ads and sell your affiliate offers to huge email lists.

Now the catch here is that you don’t know how genuine or real the email list is. You just need to trust the reviews or feedbacks provided to the solo ad provider. You can make huge profits if you find a genuine seller but on the other hand, you may end up loosing around 65-100 dollars if the seller is fake or not from your niche.

7- Affiliate marketing using Display Ads


Another paid marketing technique to use is display ads. Now, this might require some graphic design skills to create some attractive ads that people would be interested to click. You can surely use platforms like to create those graphics. But to make then click-worthy you need to have some skills.

Now once the ad graphics are ready you can choose various platforms to market them as display ads, one such website is where you can get space to showcase your ads.

There are some other platforms as well you can try showcasing your ads. Bing Ads and Facebook ads are also very famous among affiliate marketers.

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