How to rank a website without creating backlinks

In this post, I will show you how every Digital Marketing Guru on the Internet is wrong about ranking a website or blog on Google and how to rank a website without backlinks.
Let me show you how.

When you ask, How to rank your blog or website on Google?

Ask Any online marketing guru, Any SEO guru or Enroll in any online SEO course. You will find one common answer about getting ranked on Google and that is, If you want to get ranked in Google you need to build backlinks for your website or blog.

Higher the number of backlinks for your website higher the chance that your page will rank on top Google results.

This is what everyone suggests, right? But this is not 100% true and that’s what I will show you today.

My main source of income is creating affiliate niche websites, get them ranked in Google, and earn affiliate commission from various products from these websites. But there is one thing I never did or in fact, I would say I always felt lazy about it and that is, creating backlinks to my website or blog.

One of my websites is around 1 year old and let me show you how many backlinks I got without actually creating any one of them.


600+ backlinks with zero efforts, I think it’s not bad. Now let me show you my other website that I launched just a few months back.


As you can see there is a massive jump in “Total impressions” and “Total Clicks” in the last three months only and thats all done with ZERO backlinks as you see from the image below.


With that, I can clearly say that backlinks are not at all important to get ranked in Google and get traffic.

So what is important to get ranked?

What I have seen with my websites and blogs is that ranking in Google is a three-step process.

Step -1: Choosing low competition keywords.

Step -2: Write long and interactive content.

Step -3: Include Stats and data wherever possible.

Let’s talk about each step in detail.

Step -1: Choosing low competition keywords.

This is the most complicated part when it comes to writing awesome content that could rank. How to find low competition keywords. Now if you ask any online marketing guru they will recommend you to buy some super expensive keyword research tool which is absolutely useless.

To do keyword research you only need three things.


2- Use chrome extensions like “Keyword Surfer” or “Ubersuggest

3- Use Google suggestion.

There is absolutely no need to buy any keyword research tool especially if you are just starting up.

Step -2: Write long and interactive content.

When someone lands on your website then how much time that visitor spends on your website will make a huge deciding factor for Google to rank your website on top this is called page session time. And the best way to keep your visitors on your webpage or on your website is to write long and interactive content.

Now By long, I do not mean you need to write a 5000-word article every time but you need to make sure whatever your article word count is, it has to be very clear for a reader to read and must be interactive which you can do by adding various images and videos.

Once you increase the session time on your website its a clear signal to Google that the content is helpful for the reader and it deserves a higher rank.

Step -3: Include Stats and data whenever possible.

The easiest way to make a shareable content is to include statistics and data in your post. Also if you are writing a product review then make sure you include data in some form of a table, maybe a comparison or a price table. These tabular form data is very Google-friendly and there is a high chance that they will show up as Google snippet in search results.


I have seen this technique works for me with all my websites and because of that I never waste time in creating backlinks.

Now, in the beginning, you have seen that my website is getting more than 600 backlinks without putting any effort. So this is how I got all those 600+ backlinks?

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